Together, we can
make a real difference.

I’m running to be your NDP MP in Beaches—East York because I believe that another way is possible.


About me

Neighbours and friends,

I’m excited to be your federal NDP candidate in Beaches—East York for the upcoming election—a community I’ve called home for years.

I’ve worked my whole life advocating for marginalized groups and developing creative solutions for complex problems. It’s these skills and this experience that I want to use as your next Member of Parliament.

my background

DSC03688 (1).jpg

My parents were both migrant workers who came to Canada to make a better life for themselves and for their children. My father is a Korean Vietnam veteran and came to Canada working on ships. My mother is from rural Philippines and worked as a live-in domestic worker.

Our family, like many Canadians, struggled to make ends meet. My parents, sisters, brother and I all worked tremendously hard in my parents’ small businesses, where we learned the value of hard work and determination.


I joined the NDP when I was a teenager following the wake of Mike Harris’ Common Sense Revolution. One of my first political actions was organizing a walk-out in my high school over the Conservatives’ devastating cuts to education.

When I graduated, I put myself through my studies at McGill University, working multiple jobs and incurring a mountain of student debt to complete my education.

After undergrad, a group of other Philippine women and I founded the Philippine Women’s Centre of Quebec—a migrant worker community group dedicated to advocating for live-in caregivers and their families.


Seeing firsthand the importance of legal training in fighting for the rights of marginalized people, I went to law school at McGill. My part-time job was as a union organizer for precarious workers.

I have since worked as a union educator, in-house union litigator, and am currently practising law as a human rights and union-side labour lawyer at Ryder Wright Blair & Holmes LLP. As a lawyer, I am a tenacious advocate and a skilled mediator with the unique ability to come up with effective solutions.

why I’m running

I am running to be your next Member of Parliament because I know that we can make a difference and that another way is possible. My life has shown me that many of us have been let down by the federal government and successive Liberal and Conservative governments. We are at a critical moment and we need to make important choices that will affect our daily lives, the kind of country we want to live in, and the future of our planet. We need bold action on universal pharmacare, affordable and accessible childcare, the housing crisis, and climate change. We need to uphold the integrity of the rule of law in Canada and encourage stronger democratic participation. We need economic, social, and environmental justice for all. I am asking you to vote for me to be our community’s progressive voice to bring about these changes in Ottawa.


Please join me so that together, we can make a real difference here in Beaches—East York and across the country.