About Mae

Mae J. Nam is a human rights and labour lawyer currently practising at Ryder Wright Blair & Holmes LLP, a union-side labour law firm. She lives with her partner Jesse and her dog Bansky in the Upper Beach neighbourhood.

Mae has been an NDP member since the mid-nineties when she was inspired to join the fight against Mike Harris’ Conservatives. One of her first political actions was organizing a walk-out in her high school to oppose devastating education cuts.

During her university years, between juggling school and work, Mae was committed to fighting for social justice for migrant workers. Alongside other Filipino women, Mae co-founded the Philippine Women’s Centre of Quebec, an organization dedicated to the advocacy of female migrant workers from the Philippines.


“We need bold action on universal pharmacare, affordable and accessible childcare, the housing crisis, and climate change.

We need to uphold the integrity of the rule of law in Canada and encourage stronger democratic participation.

We need economic, social, and environmental justice for all.”

— Mae J. Nam


After completing law school at McGill University, Mae worked as a union educator for several years. She currently practices law, advocating for the rights of unionized and non-unionized workers. In her practice, Mae is a tenacious litigator and a skilled mediator and problem solver for her clients.

As our MP, Mae would be a strong voice for Beaches-East York and a tireless advocate for people in our communities. She would defend the rule of law with uncompromising integrity and stand up for stronger democratic representation.

Mae is the voice we need in Ottawa to implement important priorities such as a universal pharmacare program, a national childcare strategy, affordable housing, and bold action on climate change.